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South Florida Addiction Treatment Services

Principles Recovery Center isn’t your typical drug rehab program. Our staff is a group of individuals with over 30 years of experience treating substance, and some have personally overcome addiction themselves. So we get it, we’ve been there too. Learn more about our addiction treatment programs, and how we can help you find your path to recovery today.

Our substance abuse programs focus on a multi-level treatment process. At Principles Recovery Center we offer Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Outpatient services. Numerous studies have shown how vital a continuum of care and length of stay is to a client’s success. Substance abuse and chemical dependency are treatable illnesses. 

It’s important to note that each individual is different, and each individual requires a form fitted plan that suits their needs.

“I can not even express the gratitude I have for Principles Recovery Center, from the staff who genuinely cares and it’s evident to the facility itself. This place has given me a whole new perspective on what it means to be in recovery and life in general. The amount of support and help is always there for the taking. This is not a business, this is a place where the staff takes pride in watching us grow and supporting us each step of the way.” – Jacqi M.

Our clinicians average over 30 years of experience each ensuring the highest level of education being provided to our clients. We highly encourage family, or other positive social support to partake in as much of our program as possible.

Our priority is providing the most effective care to our clients. Even though our center is small we have a Psychiatrist. Psychologist, and 2 Clinicians with Masters, and numerous Group Facilitators. Our staff numbers can commonly outweigh our client numbers, and our clinical caseloads are some of the lowest in the industry. We believe a substance abuse treatment center should invest the most of its efforts into clinical care facilities and therapeutic services.

Addiction Treatment Services at Our South Florida Addiction Recovery Center

As you’d expect of any high-quality addiction treatment program, Principles Recovery Center offers a core curriculum of the most proven, effective forms of addiction treatment, which have been backed by current research and scientific evidence. No other Florida addiction treatment program exhibits the attentiveness to detail that we have here at Principles. When it comes to drug addiction treatment, we offer the following:

Individual, Group, and Family Counseling

Widely viewed as the backbone of any quality drug addiction treatment program, our individual, group, and family counseling is an essential part of the Principles recovery experience.

The current consensus of the rehabilitation and treatment community is that individual counseling is critical to achieving lasting sobriety. It’s individual counseling that helps patients to better understand the circumstances and events that led to their having developed addictions. Further, individual counseling provides a forum for ongoing dialogue between a patient and his or her therapist; the greatest advantage of this scenario is that the patient and therapist can work together to identify potential risks to sobriety and develop strategies for mitigating those risks, thereby reinforcing the patient’s budding sobriety.

However, group and family counseling can be instrumental to success in recovery, too. In group therapy settings, patients often learn skills and practical strategies that become crucial to sustaining sobriety long-term. Meanwhile, family therapy is important as it helps families to address communication issues and repair relationships that might’ve been damaged over the course of a patient’s addiction.

  • Principles has truly raised the bar for treatment centers. Starting with the excellent staff who genuinely cares about the clients well being and personal recovery, to the BHT's in the residences who have a passion to see clients excel. Sethen, Ryan, and Scott have helped me on numerous occasions when I needed a helping hand, from rides to meetings to just a talk to bring my spirits up when I was down. Principles as a whole is everything that an exceptional treatment center should be.

    Andrew T.

Psychiatric Services

There are many different variables that can contribute to the development of alcoholism or drug addiction, but research has shown that psychological disorders have one of the strongest correlations with substance abuse problems. For individuals who suffer from psychological disorders — e.g., depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, etc. — success in recovery cannot occur without adequate treatment for co-occurring psychological disorders. Therefore, at Principles Recovery Center, psychiatric services are a prominent and important element of our treatment for addiction in Florida.

Crisis Interventions

As mentioned above, there are many different paths to addiction. In addition to mental and emotional disorders, it’s quite common for circumstantial and situational factors to contribute to the development of a substance abuse problem. Such traumatic situations can not only lead to substance abuse problems but also have the potential to cause lasting psychological damage. For individuals who have experienced or are experiencing some type of crisis or trauma situation, Principles Recovery Center offers crisis intervention support to patients enrolled in our Florida substance abuse treatment.

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Case Management, Referrals, and Addiction Education

Clinical treatment isn’t the only piece of the recovery puzzle. In fact, any high-quality Florida addiction treatment center should also offer a number of supplementary services to offer a richer and more well-rounded recovery experience. Among the supplementary services we offer, case management is something that benefits many of our patients, especially those who feel they need a greater level of collaboration and support when it comes to assessing, planning, and facilitating substance abuse treatment or even post-treatment case. This is particularly helpful for dual-diagnosis patients.

For patients who suffer from co-occurring psychological or even physical health disorders, Principles Recovery Center ensures continued support and care by referring those patients in need of specialists in their communities. Similarly, Principles offers in-depth alcoholism and drug addiction education to our patients as part of the general curriculum as well as to their loved ones.

Anger Management

There are many effects that can result from long-term habitual substance abuse, and a number of these effects are related to chemical changes in the brain. When the brain is continually experiencing abnormal neurochemical levels, an individual may experience irregular and unpredictable mood swings that could escalate to outright anger. Since these kinds of outbursts are relatively common effects of long-term substance abuse, Principles Recovery Center offers anger management support to patients enrolled in one of our programs. This allows us to help patients find healthy ways to express their emotions while teaching them strategies to vent their anger in productive endeavors.


The experience of being in the throes of active addiction is completely different from what it’s like to be in long-term recovery. Individuals who are ill-equipped for lasting sobriety often experience a form of culture shock once they return home, which is why Principles Recovery Center works hard to make sure each of our patients becomes comfortable and confident in recovery. We call this our acculturation.

Family Support

Although we often focus on the effects of addiction on the individual suffering from the substance abuse problem, it’s important to remember that addiction is a “family disease,” meaning that it affects the individual as well as his or her loved ones. For this reason, Principles Recovery Center is not just a destination for drug addiction treatment — we’re also a resource and vital support system for the parents or children of our patients.

Violence Prevention

Being under the influence of mind-altering drugs and intoxicants frequently makes individuals behave in ways they otherwise never would. With certain substances, it can even result in aggressive or violent behavior. For this reason, the Principles curriculum can include a seminar on violence prevention, showing the importance that we place on the safety of our patients and their loved ones.

Introduction to AA/NA/Faith-Based Fellowships

Historically, support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous were one of the only recovery resources available to those in need. Although we have clinical treatment programs to offer today, these recovery fellowships remain a popular supplement to our treatment for addiction in Florida. In fact, patients enrolled in our program will be introduced to the renowned Twelve Steps that are featured in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, as well as the methodologies of other faith-based fellowships.

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What to Expect at Principles Recovery Center in Davie, Florida

At Principles Recovery Center, located near  Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, in South Florida, we encourage the use of self-help meetings as an adjunct to treatment. In all levels of care, we emphasize group treatment to address the treatment and recovery needs of those patients who are chemically dependent.

As part of our recovery programs, we provide treatment to individuals and their families. We believe in a small community that has no more than 10 members in a group. We believe in the simple train of thought that the fewer people equal more individual time. Couple this with our family run dynamic and you or your loved one will be joining a community that will be providing you the tools to beat this addiction.

Whether you receive inpatient or outpatient treatment, it’s important to stay committed to a drug-free or sober lifestyle. With treatment, you can make healthy changes and keep drugs/ alcohol out of your life.