Tour Our Davie Treatment Facility

At Principles Recovery Center we strive to provide the best facilities during your period of early recovery.

You’ve been through a lot and are just starting to feel like things might be all right. Principles Recovery will give you the support you need to build a solid foundation for recovery.

We have 30+ years experience in guiding and supporting men and women in how to live sober, happy lives. It’s about learning to live life on life’s terms and doing it with integrity. It’s about becoming independent and learning that life can be rewarding and fun without alcohol and drugs.

In our structured environment, you’ll attend meetings; attend aftercare along with counseling.  All of this can be achieved with the support of peers, expert staff, and a recovery program grounded in 12-step principles and a Power Greater than yourself.

We invite you to become one of the men and women who pass through our doors and exit to a life that is happy and usefully whole.

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