Dr. Jesus Perez Psy. D.Clinical Director

    Jesus Perez, Psy.D. is licensed as a Psychologist in Florida and a Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health Counselor. Dr. Perez has experience working with mental health as well as substance use disorders. His prior experiences include supervising clinicians as well as delivering clinical services. He treats adolescents and adults. Dr. Perez uses empirically validated/evidenced based interventions. He is very eclectic in his approach and demonstrates a strong ability to conceptualization from cognitive, interpersonal, dynamic as well as a systemic approach. He is able to work with individuals with a history of trauma. Dr. Perez has presented on topics of treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, i.e., family therapy and substance use disorder, forgiveness therapy and substance use,trauma-focused interventions, psychosocial rehabilitation, diagnostic trends in psychiatry population, recidivism, etc.

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