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I just would like to take the time and thank principles recovery center! Since June 29th of 2016 I have been sober. I came to principles after a long run for the last several years of nothing but struggles. I had some serious problems. My life was completely unmanageable! My mother got ahold of this center by mistake. I flew in from Cleveland Ohio. For those that aren't aware; Cleveland Ohio is one of the top cities with overdose deaths within this last year. People are dropping left and right. I have even lost friends close to me due to this awful disease of addiction. One of my best friends/roommate passed away while I was here on my stay. Over the 3 months while I stayed in south Florida. I became to realize that I had made a new family and that family is anybody whom works for principles recovery center and anyone whom goes through this program. I call my therapist "mom" because I feel that close to her. Had I not ended up here by the grace of God. I am not sure where I would be today. This facility is unlike most, you are not just another client and used for insurance money like some places. From the therapists to the behavioral techs; every single person here from the secretary on up is within the program of recovery and genuinely cares for each individual clients well being! Ethical, professional , loving and family ! My mother now has her son back, I am able to be a son to my parents. I am able to look back at my struggles and say "I beat that". As I grow every day as a human being , there isn't one day that principles recovery doesn't pop into my head and I begin to wonder how everyone down there is doing. I continually check in with my therapists from there, the techs and even the owners ! I now have my family back, my real friends , but most of all I will forever have a family from south Florida and no family compares to that. I will forever be thankful/grateful for my stay at principles recovery center. They have my heart and I strongly suggest that if anyone reading this has a family member/ loved one struggling with the disease of addiction and needs directed to a great facility then this is the one you need to call ! Great is an understatement. This facility is out of this world ! Thank you once again principles family for getting myself and my family "MY LIFE" back ! I love you all!


I have been to multiple treatment centers in south Florida and various other states. Principals recovery center is by far the most ethical and caring treatment center of all. The owners care tremendously and are at the office everyday when they don't have to be along with the therapists. I feel like a person that needs help at principals recovery center rather than a client that has insurance money. I owe every bit of clean time that I have today, to principals recovery center.

As I look back at the past 3yrs of my life and what I've allowed it to become, my eyes fill with tears as I realize that I'm no longer that little boy today. The gratitude I have for Principles is beyond explanation. And I don't say that because I was a client there and I feel that I should give back by writing a nice little review about them to make them look better than other treatment centers and to pull in clients. I say it because it's true rite from my heart. I couldn't get out of the streets and jail. I couldn't find a place to lay my head. I couldn't get the pain in my heart and stomach to go away. Most importantly, I could NOT escape my Demons. I was trapped, ready to die and 99.9% okay with that. I had given up. I prayed and prayed that I would either die or get another chance and one of those prayers was answered. I don't have family, but God put Principles in my life to be my family. They saved my life. At Principles, what comes first is to help others. We suffer from a disease just like the staff does so they understand just as much. Watching the pain and suffering that an addict goes through can be very painful at times and we know that nobody deserves that kind of life. We're taught that we owe ourselves much better. I gained almost 40lbs. since I went through the program. I am physically alive again. I have a clear mind and I can feel again. I laugh often, I can cry and I can look myself in the mirror today. When I came in I had nothing to offer at all and nothing to give, but they didn't care. They told me that all that matters was that I get well. They told me that I could become who I always wanted to be as long as I did exactly what they told me to do, so I listened. They Loved me until I Loved myself and then still continue to Love and support me. Eileen, Danny, Joanie, Gretchen, Lynn and Frank. I have a never-ending debt that I owe you guys. You say I owe you nothing other than to stay sober, but I see it much differently.. Today I want to give back as much as possible and do ANYTHING that I can to support Principles Recovery and mainly the clients in Principles. I can't thank you enough for saving my life. My loyalty and dedication is not enough. I owe more. From the bottom of my heart I Love you guys! Principles Recovery Center is a true God given gift. THANK YOU!!!

It's hard to even write this without tears running down my face.principles is the greatest gift for any addict. I've been to a lot of places over the years. I understand that I must want it in order for it to work,but never have I been somewhere where every single person who works there knows who you are and shows how much they love and care for you. In the end it is I who must do the work,but it is principles who made it possible. I love everyone there and look forward to enjoying the opportunity that they offered for me to live with every moment that passes. God bless you all and thank you.

I can not even express the gratitude I have for Principles Recovery Center, from the staff who genuinely cares and it's evident to the facility itself. This place has given me a whole new perspective on what it means to be in recovery and life in general. The amount of support and help is always there for the taking. This is not a business, this is a place where the staff takes pride in watching us grow and supporting us each step of the way.

Principles has truly raised the bar for treatment centers. Starting with the excellent staff who genuinely cares about the clients well being and personal recovery, to the BHT's in the residence who have a passion to see clients excel. Sethen, Ryan, and Scott have helped me on numerous occasions when I needed a helping hand, from rides to meetings to just a talk to bring my spirits up when I was down. Principles as a whole is everything that an exceptional treatment center should be.

I'm so greatful for all the people in my life right now ...I don't know where I would be today with out the amazing principles staff and my support group...I never thought I would be able to live a normal life and have fun doing it ... Once u hit rock bottom you feel like you will never make it back ... But with great people that actually care and love you anything is possible ... They pushed me to be the person I am today ... Was it easy ? No! Absolutely not ... Did I like what they had to say sometimes ? Def not ! But it was worth it ... Now I can be a great mom to my wonderful son ..and I will forever be greatful for principles recovery

Principals recovery has an amazing staff that always puts the clients well being first. There's not many that do this with the love and understanding that they show on a daily basis. I would recommend anyone that is struggling with the disease of addiction that wants to make an amazing change in their life to get in touch with Principals. They will guide you and be there for you every step of the way.

They all went out of their way to meet me and get to know me and made me feel at home from the second I walked in. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with addiction to give them a call. The don't treat you like an insurance policy in anyway. They put their clients first and go to any length to make them comfortable and to help them over come this evil disease. I wish there were more than five stars because I would give them 100.