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Pain Killer Abuse and Treatment

Pain Killer Abuse and Treatment

Pain Killer Addiction and Treatment 

Some medications have psychoactive (mind-altering) properties and, because of that, are sometimes abused—that is, taken for reasons or in ways or amounts not intended by a doctor, or taken by someone other than the person for whom they are prescribed. In fact, prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are, after marijuana (and alcohol), the most commonly abused substances by Americans 14 and older. Principles Recovery Centers Drug Rehab in Miami, Florida offers cognitive-behavorial therapy, multidimensional family therapy ,motivational interviewing, and contingency management among others during treatment for Pain Killer Addiction. 

Treatment is sometimes intensive at first, where patients attend multiple outpatient sessions each week. After completing intensive treatment, patients transition to regular outpatient treatment, which meets less often and for fewer hours per week to help sustain their recovery.

Additional Rehabilitation Programs Offered 

At Principles Recovery Center in Davie, FL we treat the above substances as well as numerous others ranging from Flakka, Hallucinogens, Inhalants, Marijuana, MDMA, Methamphetamine, Steroids, and many others for the PHP and IOP levels of care. For any questions please call in and we will be happy to discuss your situation as we understand each one is different. If for any reason we are unable to provide services we offer numerous trusted referrals for drug rehab in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach as well as across the country in states such as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and many more.